Thursday, November 13, 2014

Up and Running in Chattanooga!

Life is getting back to normal after moving 600+ miles away from everyone I know (well except the hubby, I brought him with me). I left my stable job, warm house, nearby family and church to move to a place where I knew no one, had no place to live and no church.  That was 2.5 weeks ago and boy has life changed. I am now in a job with constant upheaval, an apartment, and thankfully we have found a church to attend.
Life has been a roller coaster.
So during this ride I have been away.
But I am back!
And I have pictures of my new craft space to share.
Now mind you, I can't hang anything on the walls, so it's a little bland, but it's all mine!
 I have all of my stamp sets all lined up on a shelf. The cling mount are on one shelf and the wood mount are above.
 I have my stereo, fan, patterned paper and tools all set up on my table,
 Here is a better view of the stamp sets all lined up.
 I put down my Fiskars cutting mat as my table surface. It's easy to clean up and I can cut right on it.
I also have adhesive in the blue basket and all of my cardstock in the black file folder box.
 The two lower shelves on the black shelving unit have my Big Shot with dies and embossing folders.
I also have all of my paper trimmers, acrylic blocks, stamp scrubbers and misc stuff on these shelves.
 The toilet box is full of linens that I am hoping not to have to unpack until we move into a home.
The ink pads are all in the holder on top of the filing cabinet, which holds all of our paperwork.
 On the other wall is this small shelf unit with all sorts of adhesive, embossing powders, washi tape, magazines and catalogs.
And finally under the table is this three drawer cabinet filled with punches and other embellishments.

So that was my project for today, my day off. 
I got my space organized.
Tomorrow and Saturday I have to work the late shift, so not sure if I will get to crating, but if I do I will post it here.
Until next time - get crafty and stamp happy!
Annie :)

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