Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Creating my new craft space - Part 2

After a few weekends of unpacking, decluttering and figuring out how I really wanted to have my space organized, I am done!
Here is a picture of the new space.
 My chair from IKEA arrived and helps add to my color selection. I love the color combination of teal and red, but added grey and white as neutrals in this space.
First up is my shoe organizer.
My cousin Jessica gifted this to me a year ago and I've been holding onto it, knowing it would be perfect in my craft space. So I put it up using some pushpins and put all sorts of small embellishments in it. I've got twine, tags, sequins, buttons, brads, etc.
Next up is the left hand side on my desk area. I had purchased a Your Way container from a 31 party and had it embroidered with "Markers and Such" on the front a few months ago, knowing I needed a good bin for them. I have my Copic markers next to it in a plastic container. I've got a box which I put dowels through to store ribbon and washi tapes. I purchased some smaller grey cube boxes at Dollar Tree (yes I said Dollar Tree!!!) and I have one for adhesives, one for small ink pads, one for full size ink pads, one for tools, a plastic bin of glue guns (thanks to years of teaching for VBS, I've got 5 of them), and boxes of envelopes and a space for my coloring books.
Those cute cactus, you ask?? Well those are from Dollar Tree too! I had to add them, you know now being in Texas and all.

Moving on to the right side of my desk is stamp sets, die sets, embossing folders, paper cutters, 6x6 papers, paints and my normal miscellaneous junk area. Oh and one more cactus!
The main desk area is made from the desktop I saved from IKEA with a couple of legs on the front and the back and sides are attached to the cubes via L brackets.
I've got my OTT light, which is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I bought this light 8-9 years ago with a 40% off coupon and I've never had any issues with it. It's moved many times now, taking it to countless retreats and craft events and the bulb is still the original. I've got my trusty pampered chef utensil holder that is also very old (10+ years!) that holds all my colored ink pens, waterpens, little tools, ruler, craft knife and more. I've always got my score board within reach too! A little bin on the desk for trash, the flower pot is still trying to figure out what it needs to be. Maybe to replace the utensil holder? Just not sure yet, but I got it at IKEA for like $5 and I just love it...maybe I'll get a plant for it, who knows.
Under the desk I have two bins, the left is full of embossing powders, my heat gun and glitter. I need to reorganize those, but haven't done it yet. One the right is a bin with all of my watercolor papers, and 12x12 cardstock. The inbox on the wall I got from 31 and I put cards I've received in the top, so that they stay safe. It also helps keep me on task to see cards for inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my studio. I love looking at other peoples and incorporating things I see into mine.
Love and Ink,

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  1. Looks great, Annie! I'm so happy to see you creating again! You make the cutest cards!