Monday, July 23, 2018

Creating my new craft space - Part 1

Moving is challenging...especially when moving over 1200 miles. In our last home we had an office and I turned that room into my craft room. Here is what it looked like.

It was perfect. I had purchase a Kallax cube system from Ikea and had a fun chair, nice work area and rolling cart for extra goodies......well not everything made it in the U-Haul. The chair and the rolling cart were left behind. But I decided that the Kallax would work in Texas in my new space.

 So on Friday I started by attempting to find pins to make the cube work, but no luck. So I found the closest option and started to get to work. Saturday I got the dowel pins glued in place and attempted to rebuild the system. But after multiple broken dowel pins, hitting my finger repeatedly with the hammer and having a slight cry fest I concluded the although it was easy to put together in NC, in Texas it was not going to be the case (basically you can't move Ikea stuff without damage).
Here is the shelving unit and my messy room before I began.

After my cry fest, my hubby attempted to help me, which only helped it break into more pieces and I felt totally discouraged....that was until hubby said, look to see what you can get at Wal-Mart or Lowes. This is the time when phones are completely our friends, I searched and found similar replacements and measured to make sure that everything would fit. So we purchased a 9 cube and a 6 cube units and I was able to use the tabletop and legs from my Ikea system.
I was able to put the two cube systems together and add the tabletop in under and hour....I had been working on the other trying to rebuild for over 3 hours!
So here is the beginning of the finished project.
So now I just need to weed through the boxes of supplies and get it organized. I am hoping with this set up that I can always have my big shot set up on one of the tops of the cabinets. I did get a chair ordered to replace the one the didn't make it. I also did purchase some new containers to put in the cubes.
I'll post more once it is completed and give you a tour of my new craft area.
Stamp happy!

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