Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting Organized - Or what happens when life gets in the way.

I'm not sure what exactly happened, but here are the circumstances.
1 - We had some trim done in the room, which meant everything had to moved away from the windows.
2 - This project was done 2 weeks before convention when I needed space to create for swaps.
3 - The two weeks before convention my brother and family were in from Maine, so all my extra time was spent being Aunt Annie to my nephew Wilder (who just turned 7 months old).
4 - I then left for convention and was gone 4 days.
Result was this:

So I spent Sunday after church, and Tuesday and Wednesday after work cleaning, clearing, dejunking and all in all purging. The mess is now tamed. Table is back against a wall, not just in front of a closet. All tools are put in their places and chaos has ended.
It was a process, and one I hope I don't have to undertake again soon, so I have made a promise to myself to clean up after every craft extravaganza that happens.
So here is the clean and organized room:

Isn't it so clean. The only bummer is we have a lady coming to pain the room this weekend, so I will probably have to move everything to the center of the room. But at least I will know where everything goes back to. Plus I have never seen this much carpet in this room before. I could probably do some yoga in there now!
Thanks for stopping in.
I hope to post some creations, now that my mind and space are decluttered.

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