Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another Zoo Babies Card

So as I mentioned on Sunday, there are two ladies at church right now that are pregnant.
One is a good friend of mine, so I spent a good 45 minutes creating this cute card for her upcoming baby shower. Since she attends my card classes, she will appreciate the amount of time used to create this card.
I love the Zoo Babies stamp set. The animals are so much fun. And they for certain scream fun colors. The only bummer is if you want to cut them out, you have to use scissors.
Usually I am not a fan of fussy cutting, but it really wasn't too bad to cut these guys out.
The card ended up being 5.5" x 5.5", so that meant that I needed to make an envelope to fit. Good thing I have an envelope punch board!
So a cute green polka dot envelope to match.
I just know she will love this!
Stamp Happy!
Annie :)

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