Saturday, February 15, 2014

Late Valentine's Day

As many of you know I was down for two weeks with pneumonia. It's horrible. Don't ever get it, as it really wipes you out.
So I have been away for a bit. 
So I am going to make it up to you this week.
Each day I will post one card I have created.
Today - Saturday is the first card.
This is Valentine's card that I made for my little nephew Wilder.
He was born just last month, but due to my brother and sister in law living 1000 miles away, we haven't met him in person yet.
But I don't want him to think his Auntie doesn't love him. So I have pledged to myself to send him cards, gifts and notes every couple of months. I just hope that his parents are holding these cards for him to have when he's older.
I used the Zoo Babies and Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp sets, as well as the Alphabet embossing folder.
Happy Belated Valentine's Day to all!!
Check back each day this week for new posts!!
Stamp Happy!
Annie :)

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